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LUSH LIPS-SM.09 Scarlet

LUSH LIPS-SM.09 Scarlet



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SM. NO.09 Scarlet

MA.NO.16 lrish Coffee

ME.NO.01 Iced Candy

SM. NO.03 Raspberry Pop

SM. NO.04 Honey Cup

SM. NO.06 Burgandy Brown

MA.NO.08 Hypnotic

CR.01 Smoked Rose

SM. NO.01 Smoked Rose

ME.NO.02 Shimmer Pink

MA.NO.15 Baby Blush

CR.02 Cinnamon

CR.NO.03 Hynpotic

SM. NO.07 Hypnotic

CR.04 Ruby Pink

SM. NO.08 Maroon Rebel

CR.NO.05 Baby Blush

ME.NO.05 Sparkle Garnet

ME.NO.04 Dazzling Mauve

CR.06 Tender Brown



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Lasting color clarity. Several intense shades, one feel-good formula. Star's Lush Lips Semi-matte lipstick is what your kiss has been craving.
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Formulation (Soap,Cream,Gel, etc)


Package Type

Black color lipstick case

Skin Tone

All Skin Tones

Make up Finish


Skin Type (Best Used For)

All skin types

Product Characteristic

Water Resistant


Easy Application

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